Participation of Ce.B.Tec. at the 3rd Hellenic BioCluster Forum: A Showcase of Groundbreaking Innovations and Networking Opportunities

From June 15th to 17th, Ce.B.Tec. actively participated in the 3rd HBio Forum 2023, which was held at the International Conference Center of the Athens Concert Hall. Sofia Mavrikou, Assistant Professor at the Agricultural University of Athens and co-founder/CSO of Ce.B.Tec., played a significant role in the Pitching Session held at the conclusion of the conference, where she presented the groundbreaking innovations of our start-up company.

The 3rd HBio Forum showcased a cutting-edge 3-day program featuring distinguished speakers from around the world. The event aimed to emphasize investment opportunities in the life sciences sector while fostering networking among domestic and international institutions, businesses, and research groups.

Throughout the conference, attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors had ample opportunities to engage in B2B meetings, facilitating connections and collaborations among industry professionals. Moreover, the event included focused panel discussions with industry experts, mentors, and life sciences professionals, delving into investment-related topics such as capital acquisition and achieving success. The conference culminated in a pitching competition.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to Ioanna Koukli, President of HBio and CEO of Pharmassist Ltd, as well as Stamatiki Krita, Director of Business Development at HBio, for their excellent organization of the event.

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